Library Wines

Library Wines can be browsed or purchased in the Midnight Cellars' Tasting Room. The Library is home to a wide range of Midnight's past wines spanning over a decade of vintages,  including Syrah "Nocturne," Estate Merlot, Sanigiovese "Starlight", Estate Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon "Nebula," Mare Nectaris, Capriccio Italien, Gemini Reserve Red and more! Note that not all varetials or vintages are in stock, but there are plenty of gems waiting to be uncorked.  If you missed these wines during their original release or love a certain vintage you drank the last bottle of, Midnight's Library is your best opportunity to buy them before they are gone forever.

Visit Midnight's Tasting Room for a full list of Library wines and vintages!